About maroffo

I’ve spent 10+ years of my life leading a software development teams, mainly as Tech Lead, I’m a passionate software developer since 2000, working mainly in Java, and I’m an Agile practitioner since 2005.
I led teams up to 30 people, I always promote the professional and personal growth of team members, working to ease the implementation of agile development best practices and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. I try to be a coach, a mentor and good friend for the people in my team.
In late 2016 DoveConviene asked me to move to Bologna and to lead the compliance project to the GDPR, so I moved to an Information Security Manager role.
After about a year in Bologna managing matters related to Data Protection and IT Security, I can say that to be an Information Security Manager is a lonely (and a little boring) job, you should wrote tons of procedures and policies (which probably nobody will look at), you should do audit interviews with a lot of people, becoming the (boring) colleague of data-protection-matters.
Now (late 2017) I’m studying to become the Data Protection Officer of DoveConviene.



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