Five Easy Ways To Kill Your Team’s Motivation

We are waking up in this new millennium and noticing certain aspects of work and leadership that we never noticed before. We are seeing clearly how the traditional view of leadership relies heavily on keeping employees fearful.

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Metrics to Drive High Performance Scrum Teams

This presentation by Grindr VP of Engineering, Lukas Sliwka, focuses on implementing Scrum metrics to drive high performance teams while building strong and innovative software engineering organization.

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Anti-Patterns of Agile Leaders

Regina Martins talked about anti-patterns of agile leaders at the Agile Practitioners 2016 conference.

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Agile Estimating requires Engagement

The Agile Manifesto (2001) was introduced to state boldly how failures of traditional system development approaches could be overcome. Rather than doing something ‘agile’ as chasing the next buzz word, being agile is radically different.

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Hybrid Methodology for Software Project Implementation

Projects in which time and cost is fixed and scope keeps changing, we need to be sure that team performs well and delivers a high quality product on time. Senior Managers of the company needs to make sure that team uses right methodology, right practices and work smartly rather than slogging.

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Agile Approaches in Test Planning

In the talk “Placebo Test Management” at Agile Testing Days 2015, Eddy Bruin and Ray Oei explained how to satisfy the needs of stakeholders who ask for test cases, test plans, and other comprehensive test artifacts without writing large test plans.

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10 Indicators That Distinguish Leaders From Managers – Productivity